Photography at the Discovery Art Fair Cologne

April 29th to May 1st, 2022 | Opening April 28th, 2022 – XPOST in Cologne

In line with its policy of diversity, the Discovery Art Fair proudly presents its focus on fine art photography. Imagined as special shows within the art fair, this segment is to serve as an international platform for photography, filled with opportunities for new photographers from Germany and around the world.
Selected photo artists of keen eye and great talent will be invited to grace the XPOST hall with unique captured images, thus creating a novel community of photo enthusiasts and creators. With focus on the extraordinary combination of visual quality and innovative approach, we are resolved to bring the most exciting examples of contemporary photography to the public.

Discover Photo Art in the city of Cologne

On their march through the event, visitors at the Discovery Art Fair will have the chance to explore this exhibition of contemporary photography. We invite all experienced and novice photography collectors to dive into this pool of photographic marvel and to embark upon the search for the perfect image.

This photography shows of the fair will prove to become the ideal starting point for every aspiring photography collector and a pool of novelties for the seasoned connoisseurs. Young artists the organization is eager to support have in the past built successful careers, endorsing the belief that it is best to invest in artists in their early phases, while their work is still affordable.

To find the best photo art, diversity is key

Whether they are video stills, old-fashioned staged photographs or blurry spurs-of-the-moment, images presented at the Discovery Art Fair are meant to stun and inspire, serving as both documents and embodiments of events they represent, thus ultimately building a bridge between the artist and the observer of their work. We look forward to collaborating with photographers from culturally diverse backgrounds, hoping to best showcase their individual visions of the world.

In the last couple of years photography has become ubiquitous and where in the past good photos often were a question of the right – pricey – equipment, these days cameras have gotten ever cheaper and better. This democratisation of the production process has brought the genre of photo art to a sweet spot indeed. Technology is cheap and artistic vision counts more than ever. Anybody today can shoot a technically decent photo, whether that is a city landscape, portrait or streetlife – but to create something that talks to people, that touches not only the eyes but hearts and minds, you need creativity that goes beyond the rule of thirds and we aim to find some of creators and give them a platform to present their art to a wider audience.

Considering some of the renowned names in the art of photography, show will place the emphasis on the younger generations as the Discovery Art Fair aim to help and collaborate with young artists in finding their position in the market and hopefully – a gallery.

Curator of the Photography Show

Discovery Art Fair is proud to present Stefan Maria Rother as the Curator for photography. A renowned Berlin photographer and lecturer, Rother has demonstrated his curatorial expertise in previous editions of the fairs. As a result of comprehensive experience and serious knowledge of the medium, he endeavors to create a versatile and conceptually refreshing selection of the participants.

A prolific photographer himself, Stefan Maria Rother is currently a course director of Media photography at the School of Entertainment and Technology, and he operates as a lecturer at the Art Academy Berlin Weissensee.

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