Free workshop for exhibitors

Saturday | April 27, 2024 | 9:15 – 10:45 am
(in German language)

Selling art online

At this year’s exhibitor workshop, we will present a practical overview of the online art trade as well as the new Discovery Art Fair shop. Learn from our experts Anke Sperling and Kai Brückner how to effectively utilise online sales channels to complement your trade fair presence.

The online art trade has become an important marketplace for artworks. More and more gallery owners, artists and buyers are presenting or acquiring their works and collections online. Current studies show steady growth in the online art market, with sales rising continuously. According to the “Art Market Report” (artprice) from 2023, global sales in the online art trade increased by 20% compared to the previous year. The number of online art platforms and online shops for art has grown exponentially in recent years. From established platforms such as Artsy, Artsper, Catawiki and Saatchi Art to niche platforms that specialise in specific art styles or regions, there are a variety of options for sellers and buyers.

Online art trading allows artists and galleries to make their work accessible to a global audience. This leads to increased international collaboration and the exchange of artworks across borders.

With this in mind, the DAF will also expand its service portfolio by combining the art experience of visiting the fair with a Discovery Art Fair online shop. Gallery owners, artists, collectors and art enthusiasts will be able to use this platform during the days of the fair, but also later and from any location. In this way, we offer the opportunity to maintain and intensify contacts for the ‘time afterwards’, when all the boxes have been packed and the hotel rooms have been vacated.

According to the motto:
DAF – Liberalisation of the art market takes place live and online.