What does sculpture mean nowadays?

Discovery Art Fair Talk

Saturday, November 5th – 4pm (duration: approx. 45min)
On the work ‘#seat12’ at the work ‘making of Mnemosyne’, sculpture area in the entrance area

The term is ambiguous: sculpture can be public art or “social plastic” (Beuys), monument and decorative design for interiors, object or installation – even performance and video art belong to the open field of three-dimensional art.

And: What kind of art does a society facing upheaval need? What role can sculptures serve in this process, looking for new definitions for places and cities, for personal identities and cohabitation?

The talk at the Discovery Art Fair aims to address these and other questions. Final answers are hardly to be expected, but a thought-provoking debate that raises even more questions …

Mischa Kuball, artist, lecturer
Dr. Peter Funken, curator, critic, lecturer
Marc von Reth, curator, artist
Birgit Pfeil, artist, lecturer
Jenny Brockmann, artist