Contemporary Fine Art

Our Gallery and Artist Sections Present the Variety of Contemporary Fine Art

As a new fair celebrating its first edition in 2018, Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt has set an objective to become the key forum for new, progressive and promising contemporary galleries and artists. Looking beyond the city borders, the art fair aims to bring together some of the best up-and-coming galleries and creatives from around the international art world, thus becoming the prime spot for collectors who seek something new. Our Gallery and Artists Sections will give our featured national and international art professionals and the public an opportunity to explore a wide range of contemporary artworks, from painting, drawing and sculpture to large-scale installations, innovative mixed-media pieces and other modern forms of artistic expression that have yet to be defined.

A team of curators gathered around the idea to launch the Discovery Art Fair as the most exciting young art fair in the area. Each of them brought their individual vision of the contemporary art market, seasoned with experience, forward thinking and diversity. The quality of the exhibited work is therefore secured, allowing the event to quickly establish itself as a fair of discovery.

Discover the Contemporary Art Scene at the Art Fair Ruled by Diversity

The largest area of the Discovery Art Fair is reserved for contemporary fine art. Designed to reflect the variety of art presented, this part of the fair will host a selection of art galleries, with a special segment designated to single artist booths. Roaming through the Contemporary Fine Art portion, we expect collectors and art lovers to learn about the latest trends in the international art scene, but also to find their way to their absolutely favorite piece of work. The section aims to present art without borders, unburdened by tradition or by background of the artist. It’s focused mainly on elevating each single artwork in order to find their match within the collecting crowd.

In Contact with Exhibitors, Engaging with Visitors

We hope to open the doors of the art world wide to the public and to ignite the conversation between different art specialists and our visitors. We wish to show that the world of arts is a fine place to be, an inspirational pool where any interested art lover can find and purchase their favorite artwork at an affordable price. Welcome to the new era of art collecting!
With focus on emerging contemporary art and the rejuvenation of the international art market, the art fair hopes to spark the interest of long-time collectors and first-time buyers alike. Viewing the art show, the collectors will be able to define their search and find the right additions to their collections without overspending. We would love to satisfy both the requirements set by experienced buyers and the curiosity of the new ones. Fresh, present-day art at affordable price is equally attractive to all, especially with the knowledge that the quality is vouched for.

Art outside the box

While the idea to make art accessible and affordable for a larger share of people is a big part of our motivation, we’re equally excited about connecting with the new – the unexpected. We love to transcend boundaries of genres, materials and presentation and get fresh input by bringing people and ideas together. The amount of new work flooding modern exhibition halls and galleries worldwide is staggering and it is easy to loose perspective if art isn’t a full-time occupation. Among the 1.000s of artists – emerging and well-known – our curators help you navigate the world of contemporary art, so you can chart your personal, unique path without the infrastructure of a museum or long established gallery. We have that background and have thrown our net wide and far to bring the most exciting sculptures, paintings, graphics and illustrations to the city of Frankfurt once a year. Our exhibitions and events encourage you to widen your scope and maybe add something to your own collection you would otherwise have missed.


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