Free coaching for exhibitors

Self-Marketing Workshop

Friday | November 1st | 9:00 – 10:30 am

Master trainer Annemarie Stammkötter and curator of the Discovery Art Fair, Dr. Peter Funken, offer a free seminar for exhibitors. Participants will be familiarized not only with the intricacies of the art market, but also with the particular challenges associated with sales situations.

Annemarie Stammkötter will present a helpful method for structuring successful conversations in order to optimally use communication as part of an art fair appearance.

Aha Effects in Communication

Have you ever asked yourself what effect your speech has on others? Why do some conversations work out well and others less so? All of us make use of patterns of communication on a daily basis – usually unconsciously. The way we speak can motivate or demotivate our conversational partners – regardless of what we say. If we know the patterns, we can tune into others more quickly and achieve more with the right words and formulations.

Annemarie Stammkötter is an expert in motivational speech and behavior patterns and works as a communications trainer for numerous universities, companies, associations, and institutions.