Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt: Highlights from our Gallery Section

Pavillon (C.D.Friedrich), 2018, 120x190cm, Öl auf Leinwand, presented by Galerie Augarde

What you can look forward to on a visit of the Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt:
Highlights from our Gallery Section

More than forty exhibitors are presenting their current programs in the Gallery Section of the first edition of the Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt. Those seeking contemporary art in all its facets are sure to find it here. As a foretaste of the Discovery Art Fair opening November 1st, we are presenting to you ten of the participating galleries in more detail.

Daniel Kim_ See the World_72x52cm_ photo, LED monitor_presented by Gallery Tableau

Daniel Kim, See the World, presented by Gallery Tableau

Among the exhibitors who’ve traveled the farthest to be here is Gallery Tableau (booth G09) from Seoul. The Korean gallery enjoys an outstanding reputation far beyond its country’s borders, as it is the first to discover many renowned Korean artists and continuously builds up promising artists from the country.

Kim Hee-Kyung, Bloom_120×120×8cm_presented by Galerie Artpark

Kim Hee-Kyung, Bloom, presented by Galerie Artpark

The Karlsruhe-based Galerie artpark (booth G08) also builds a bridge between Asian and European art. Some of the works being shown in Frankfurt are the fascinating paper objects created with seemingly uncanny and sometimes mysterious perfection by the artists Jeong-Min Suh and Kim Hee Kyung.

Roman Mikhaylov, Fragility, paper, fire, 2018, presented by Mironova Gallery

Roman Mikhaylov, Fragility, presented by Mironova Gallery

Young Ukrainian artists like Roman Mikhaylov are recognized by an unrestrained will to take an artistic stand on current topics and developments. The Mironova Gallery (booth G34) from Kiev presents numerous exciting examples. With their participation in international fairs like the VOLTA Basel and now the Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt, the gallery is one of few institutions to present contemporary Ukrainian art in an international setting.

Sebastian Herzau - the great below (T-A. I-18) - 65x50 Acryl LW 2018 - presented by dieHO-Galerie

Sebastian Herzau, the great below (T-A. I-18), presented by dieHO-Galerie

Founded in Magdeburg as a producers’ gallery, dieHO-Galerie (booth G37) will be showing three young artists from Saxony-Anhalt, including works by the 38-year-old graduate of the renowned art university Burg Giebichenstein Halle, Sebastian Herzau. The artist, who has been heralded in many places as a star newcomer, devotes himself to portraits he endows with a mysterious aura by painting over them.

Pavillon (C.D.Friedrich), 2018, 120x190cm, Öl auf Leinwand, presented by Galerie Augarde

C.D.Friedrich, Pavillon, presented by Galerie Augarde

By contrast, architecture is the theme taken up by Tobias Stunz, presented in the fair program by Galerie Augarde (booth G05) from the German Vulkaneifel district. With clear lines and cool colors, the artist creates scenic compositions and down-scaled views of structures that appear at once modern and poetic through his skillful application of light and shade.

Kolja Senteur, ABC-ROB, 80x60, Siebdruck, presented by Galerie Diede

Kolja Senteur, ABC-ROB, presented by Galerie Diede

Galerie Diede (booth G11), also from the Rhineland-Palatinate, is presenting known names of German Pop Art, such as Tomas Baumgärtel and Mortiz Götze. With Kolja Senteur and Munich-based artist Endy Hupperich, the gallery is also representing two young German pop artists who have not been shown at any art fairs thus far.

Reiner Langer - Die Liebe und das Wissen - Mixed Media on Paper - Framed 60 x 50 cm - presented by Parcus Gallery

Reiner Langer, Die Liebe und das Wissen, presented by Parcus Gallery

At the booth of the Berlin-based Parcus Gallery (booth G17), visitors will be struck not only by Reiner Langer’s mixed-media collages made with hand-colored picture elements, but also Ildeu Lazarinni’s organically-formed objects densely covered with pointed needles, which are the product of the Brazilian artist’s attempted search for untouchable bodies.

Ryo Kato, Kein Platz für Wölfe,Öl auf Leinwand, 130x180cm, presented by Galerie Bengelsträter

Ryo Kato, Kein Platz für Wölfe, presented by Galerie Bengelsträter

The Düsseldorf-based Galerie Bengelsträter (booth G04) will be presenting Anna Lena Straube’s figurative paintings along with photorealistic works by the artist Rainer Augur. The pictures by Japanese-born young star Ryo Kato, a student of Daniel Richter, are especially socially critical, provocative, and expressive. His work arouses great attention and after being awarded the renowned “I-shi” prize from the Okayama Prefecture Museum, he became internationally known overnight.

Edvardas Racevicius, „o.T.“, Linde, Acryl, 40-30-20cm , presented by Alte Bäckerei

Edvardas Racevicius, o.T., presented by Alte Bäckerei

The Alte Bäckerei (booth A23) is coming to Frankfurt from the north of Germany, from the university and Hanseatic city of Greifswald, to present wood sculptures by the Lithuanian artist Edvardas Racevicius, among other things. Carved always from one piece, his poetic figures emerge bit by bit from the knots in the wood and branches he has chosen. A real head-turner is this artist’s two-and-a-half-meter tall sculpture that greets each visitor in the entrance of the fair.

Angela M. Flaig, Loewenzahn (Detailansicht), 16x11 Reihung, 84x60 cm, presented by HLP gallery

Angela M. Flaig, Loewenzahn (Detailansicht), presented by HLP gallery

An almost meditative space is created by the various objects encased in acrylic boxes or the framed pictures made of plant seeds by Angela M. Flaig, presented by the HLP Galerie (booth G06) located between Cologne and Bonn. The artist roams the natural environs of her home in the Black Forest, collecting the seeds of dandelions, thistles, or willowherb, and shapes these wild plant seeds into geometric objects of fascinating levity.

Further information on these and all other exhibitors that aren’t to be missed can be found in our online gallery.