art2you Presents a Group of Extraordinary Creators in Frankfurt

Founded in 2015 as an artist-run organization in Hochheim am Main, art2you had a goal to gather established artists who wish to remain independent from a single gallery and maintain freedom in terms of their art production and marketing. The space is managed by Ulrich Naumann, an artist and one of their own, responsible for events, exhibitions, and art fairs.

Guided by the scientifically confirmed fact that it takes a mere moment to get a first impression of a person through conversation, art2you artists believe that this moment translates to the relationship between the viewer and the art. In this ethereal second, we read and take what we want from the piece, deciding if we like it or not, without ever questioning the artist’s message consciously. This visceral and personal “two-way” relationship between the artist and the observer stands as one of the core values of the art2you group. They focus on creating a resonance, an emotion in the viewer, triggered through a simple first impression, and by nurturing high aesthetic standards in their works.

During the upcoming Discovery Art Fair in Frankfurt, art2you will present the works by Corinna Rostech, Alexander Jeanmarie, Petra Rös-Nickel, Ulrich Naumann, and Zeljko Rusic.

Corinna Rosteck – Ayalightbubble, 2016, aludibond

Corinna Rosteck

Fascinated by water, Corinna Rosteck focuses on movement as the central subject in her work. The movement of liquid on various surfaces, perspective-challenging vistas, or dance can be found throughout her oeuvre. Her visual language connects photography and painting and expands this relationship through spatial and contextual installations. Inspired by novel lighting technologies, she developed a special printing technique, while contemplating the perspective of a photographer.

Alexander Jeanmarie – 765, 2016

Alexander Jeanmarie

Soulful and profound, the works by abstractionist and action painter Alexander Jeanmarie possess a particular visual and emotional tension. They are both immaterial and material, mystical and tangible, irrational, yet real. There is no focus, but this choice is deliberate, intended to evoke deeper feelings within the viewer, provoking his consciousness and perception. His pieces converse with us without barriers, playing on the fine strings of our inner selves.

Petra Rös-Nickel – Farbfeld-blau, 2020

Petra Rös-Nickel

Drawing on the visual language of popular European mid-century textile designs, Petra Rös-Nickel devised a recognizable style. Her constructed compositions and forms translate into textures, containing geometric visuals and organic marks of a by-gone, yet popular design era. The artist plans her paintings according to different compositional themes, so we can find groups of works named “patchwork”, “windows” or “oscillating lines”, always highlighting its essence which is color, impasto, and the resulting materiality.

Ulrich Naumann – Down in the woods, 2019

Ulrich Naumann

Ulrich Naumann’s painting is more than just paint on canvas. He developed a complex technique inspired by digital images in connection with abstract acrylic painting, finished by his signature collage act of applying a thin, hand-made layer of paper on the canvas. His works are based on the photographs he makes, printed on the fine mulberry paper, applied to the painted background. This abstract manner of image-making has distinctively figurative elements that provide his works with a recognizable visual and textural quality.

Zeljko Rusic with his artwork, a bust

Zeljko Rusic

Sculptor Zeljko Rusic focuses on people. His material of choice is wood and his tool is a chainsaw, although he also works in metal creating intriguing depictions of humans. Retaining the basic contours and few recognizable elements of figure and skin, Rusic highlights the material, its imperfections, and intricacies, delivering an acute story of human experience. His carefully structured, yet often rugged creations tell a story on a visceral level, where the observer is inspired to look into themselves, looking for texture and leave, taking their own experience with them. His sense of form, mastery of craft, and unique treatment of the material distinguish Rusic as an extraordinarily expressive creator.

Featured image: Ulrich Naumann – Down in the woods, detail. All images courtesy of the gallery