10 Exhibitor Highlights From the Rhine-Main Area

frau wiese, Serie Sound Of Silence, Courtesy the artist

What you can look forward to on a visit to the Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt:
10 Exhibitor Highlights From the Rhine-Main Area

Alongside numerous exhibitors from Germany and abroad, the Discovery Art Fair also offers broad insight into the diverse and lively art scene in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area.

We are presenting to you in advance ten of our exhibitors from Frankfurt and the surrounding area in more detail.

Angel Peychinov, Marilyn, 2017, oil on canvas, 100x100cm, presented by Galerie Barbara von Stechow

Angel Peychinov, Marilyn, presented by Galerie Barbara von Stechow

The Frankfurt gallery scene represents, among others, the renowned Galerie Barbara von Stechow (booth G15). The gallery, which focuses on painting and sculpture, is presenting as part of their fair program paintings from the Bulgarian-born artist Angel Peychinov, a student at the Frankfurt Städelschule, as well as sculptures by artist Christof Paul.

Chefetagenbild, Neon-Platzhalter, Thomas Sterna, presented by Der Mixer Galerie

Thomas Sterna, Neon-Platzhalter, presented by Der Mixer Galerie

Der Mixer Galerie (booth G03), founded in 2017, is likewise counted among the exciting representatives of the local art scene. The title of the initiative, which was started by a group of seven artists, is the program, since the protagonists have very different approaches to their work. Their similarity, however, is based primarily on their wish for unobscured contact with the public and sustained by the conviction that artistic autonomy as originally conceived also involves communicating and mediating one’s own work. As part of their fair program, the artist Thomas Sterna will be showing his neon placeholder light installations.

Takafumi Ohba, path, 27.3 x 19 cm, mineral pigment, metallic leaf, animal glue, hemp paper, presented by Galerie WangHohmann

Takafumi Ohba, path, presented by Galerie WangHohmann

Galerie WangHohmann (booth G16), which in 2012 was initially located in Wiesbaden and has now relocated to Eppstein (Main-Taunus district), focuses on contemporary art from Japan and will be showing, along with the austere, sober bronze sculptures by artist Maruyama Masaaki and the tempera paintings by Keiko Kimota, pieces by 30-year-old artist Ohba Takafumi, who seeks a connection with pre-modern Japanese art by picking up techniques, themes, and materials from this time and translating them into the present.

Michael Burges, Painting No. 10, 2017, 20 x 20 cm, presented by GALERIE ROTHER WINTER

Michael Burges, Painting No. 10, presented by Galerie Rother Winter

The expansive spaces of a neo-classical townhouse in Wiesbaden are home to the renowned Galerie Rother Winter (booth G13), which represents both established and young professional artists that are distinguished by their creative and sustainable art and whose work promises not only the retention of but also a future growth in value. As part of their fair program they will be showing the abstract color compositions by artist Michael Burges that are characterized by both brilliancy and surface feel, as well as lively images filled with atmospheric density by artist Renata Tumarova.

Tobia Ravà, Parpar, Serigraphie, 50 x 70 cm, Auflage von 100, presented by Galerie am Park

Tobia Ravà, Parpar, presented by Galerie am Park

The focus of gallery activity at the Galerie am Park (booth G27), located in Frankfurt’s Westend, is on Mexican and Spanish art. They will be showing as part of their fair program works by prominent artists such as Diego Rivera or Antoni Tàpies, as well as the work of Italian artist Tobia Ravà, whose pieces are based on Hebrew culture, mathematics, and logic, and who reconciles the rich Western artistic tradition with the signs of Jewish symbolism and their alphanumerical keywords with admirable empathy, thereby creating a new pictorial language.

Tom Christopher, I didn’t think anything. I had no thoughts whatsoever., presented by smart collectors GmbH

Tom Christopher, I didn’t think anything. I had no thoughts whatsoever, presented by smart collectors GmbH

At the fair booth of smart-collectors GmbH (booth G14) from Wiesbaden, a company that offers not only the chance to purchase but also to rent artwork from their extensive curated collection, visitors can expect to see expressionist cityscapes by New-York based artist Tom Christopher as well as Neo Pop paintings by the artists’ collective 3STEPS.

Detail INSTALLATION 108 – Integratives Kunstprojekt DAS NEUE HAUS

Detail INSTALLATION 108 – Integratives Kunstprojekt DAS NEUE HAUS

“Installation 108” by the integrative art project “DAS NEUE HAUS” [The New House] (booth A06), conceived by Frankfurt-based artist Achim Ripperger, was created in collaboration with numerous migrant and local artists. The result was multifaceted works inspired by the encounter, diversity, and origin of the artists as well as the techniques they employ, which are well worth seeing. “DAS NEUE HAUS” is a visual expression for “the new society” – a global society, in which diverse heritages, cultures, religions, and concepts of life are not seen as divisive but rather valued and sought after as inspiring features, and in which everyone can naturally find their place.

Susanna Storch, Fassade XX, Courtesy the artist

Susanna Storch, Fassade XX

The “façades” painted with strict geometry and nearly monochrome colors by Mainz-based artist Susanna Storch (booth A17) captivate the viewer: Perhaps this also has to do with how, in this urban environment, which only seems monotonous, one can also from time to time peek out unashamed from behind the curtains or observe anonymous city-dwellers at their windows.

Dr. Paul Hirsch, Skulpturvariation, Courtesy the artist

Dr. Paul Hirsch, Skulpturvariation

The wood sculptures made often from one piece by Weiterstadt-based (county Darmstadt-Dieburg) sculptor and philosophy PhD Dr. Paul Hirsch (booth A24) are comprised of many slightly moveable singular elements that can look somewhat different each time they are assembled. This is much like a person, who, more than ever, is interwoven in his doings and experience with his direct and broader environment.

frau wiese, Serie Sound Of Silence, Courtesy the artist

frau wiese, Serie Sound Of Silence

The monochrome works from the series “Sound of Silence” by Frankfurt-based artist frau wise (booth A15) are an homage to the ZERO art movement. Arising from the clamor of establishing a counterpoint to the prevailing color frenzy and digital torrent of images, unnecessary ballasts were consciously eschewed. As a result, works were created that appear nearly meditative. Upon closer inspection, the viewer is presented with a field of tension among the clarity of pure color, geometric structure, serial order, and consistently lightening white.

Further information on these and all other exhibitors that aren’t to be missed can be found in our online gallery.