Kunstraum Grevy Brings an Eclectic Roster to DAF Cologne

Ursula Krenzler - Phantasma II

Kunstraum Grevy has been an active member of the Cologne art community for five years. Since it was founded, it became a hub for collectors and art lovers, managing to survive despite the market hardships of the last several years. Known for its diverse artistic roster, this gallery will be taking part in the upcoming Discovery Art Fair Cologne for the first time. A selection of artists who best represent Grevy’s eclectic approach will provide an overview of different styles and expressions, and also give an insight into the current contemporary scene in Cologne. On display at the Kunstraum Grevy booth visitors will be able to see works by Ursula Krenzler, Agnete Sabbagh, Michaele Helker, CATbosshammer, Maria Rohr and Gosia Richter.

Ursula Krenzler’ Abstract Visions

Ursula Krenzler’s body of work is defined by her refined abstract visual language. She rarely depicts clear elements and figures and her dreamscapes are mainly associative, whereas the color plays the key role. Multilayering of paint, play with different impasto textures and overlaying color fields endow the painted space with depth and atmospheric vibrancy. The evocative titles she gives to her paintings hint the contemplative road we are to take, but ultimately, we are inspired to interpret Krenzler’s work freely.

Agnete Sabbagh - Im Graten der Alhambra II

Agnete Sabbagh – Im Graten der Alhambra II

Agnete Sabbagh and Photoencaustic

As a visual storyteller, Agnete Sabbagh has been exploring a unique medium she finds ideal for her artistic expression – photoencaustic. A combination of encaustic, an ancient wax painting technique, digital photography, ink and gouache painting gives a particular patina to the works, supporting their concept and individual narratives. Her works are visually intriguing, evocative and elegantly nostalgic.

Michaele Helker - Schneebirken

Michaele Helker – Schneebirken

Michaele Helker and Visual Mysteries

Works of Michaele Helker display an interesting play with light or brushstrokes, depending of their medium. Her main inspiration is our constantly changing, evolving environment, which brought to life her progressively abstract style. Looking at Helker’s pieces, we peel off layer by layer, delving into the visual deceptions she creates, questioning both her message and our own perception.



CATbosshammer and Art Inspired by Asia

Motivated by art since early age, German artist CATbosshammer found her artistic path after moving to Asia and exploring it for 10 years. Her intuitive, abstract works are characterized by mix of techniques, experimentation and an obvious influence of Asian art. Big strokes, action and bold expression distantly echo the traits of Japanese Gutai painting, while her calmer work take us to the calmer realms of eastern philosophies.

Maria Rohr

Maria Rohr

Maria Rohr’s Paper Based Works

Focused on working with handmade papers, Maria Rohr explores the human condition by creating tension between abstraction and figuration throughout her work. Fascinated by the imperfections in the paper, she developed a special technique to add depth to her drawings, and she accentuates them with color. Expressive and textured, her paper-based works speak the artist’s idea both viscerally and visually.

Gosia Richter - Prächtig, 2018

Gosia Richter – Prächtig, 2018

Gosia Richter Explores the Transience of Life

A renowned German artist Gosia Richter is inspired by the concept of freedom and unorthodoxy. While working with paper, she treats the material as the source of expression, shaping it with a scalpel and giving it life with touches of color. Thus, she uses known figures from antiquity to depict something we instinctively recognize, stirringly elaborating her vision on the transience of life, death and eternity.

Art lovers and collectors will be able to view and enjoy the works of artists selected by Kunstraum Grevy at the upcoming Discovery Art Fair in Cologne, from 20 to 23 April 2023.

Featured image: Ursula Krenzler – Phantasma II. All images courtesy of Kunstraum Grevy!