Take a Look at Some of This Year’s Exhibitor Highlights

In two days the 5th KÖLNER LISTE opens its doors in the XPost Cologne. From the 19th to 22nd April, there will be 108 exhibitors from more than 20 countries presenting a broad spectrum of contemporary art from recognized artists and interesting newcomers.

The Discovery Art Fair focuses not only on classic forms of expression such as painting, photography, graphics or sculpture, we present various contemporary positions that go beyond those classic artistic disciplines as well, including light art, media art or street and urban art. Above all, interdisciplinary, experimental and surprising artworks will be waiting for our visitors.

As a foretaste of KÖLNER LISTE 2018 we would like to introduce some of this year’s exhibitors:

In the Gallery Section visitors can be expecting the presentation of Square Rock Ltd. from London, representing one of the masters of hyperrealistic drawing, Dirk Dzimirsky. During the weekend, visitors will have the chance to look over the artist’s shoulder in a live painting session.

Also from London, Avivson Gallery is presenting works by Fabio Mauri, an artist who has participated in the Documenta and in several Venice Biennale shows, as well as pieces from the internationally-known Düsseldorf-based painter Ulrich Erben, one of the most important painters of color fields and concrete art in Europe.

The Ars Cracovia Galerie focusses on contemporary art from Polish artists and will be presenting, among other works, installations by the renowned artist Andrzej Bednarczyk who asks fundamental questions about the nature of existing in our chaotic, crowded world.

Bildpark gallery from Munich is showcasing abstract landscapes by Jürgen Welker, a student of Markus Lüpertz, works by the world-renowned German neo-expressionist from Welheim, Reiner Heidern, as well as the poetic picture series “Faces” by the young “Instagram star” Frederic Paul.

Gallery Reitz, based in the Rheinauhafen in Cologne, presents the “Bag Art Projects” by the artist Thitz. He designs his artistic messages on bags, that usually contain luxury goods, clothes, vegetables or baked goods. His goal: to transform a piece of everyday culture into “bag art”, to capture the perceived experience of a big city with bags and acrylic on canvas.

For their debut, the HO Galerie, a producers’ gallery from Magdeburg, Germany, will be showing three young artists from the state of Saxony-Anhalt, including works by the 38-year-old graduate of the prestigious Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, Sebastian Herzau.

The exhibition program of HLP Galerie, which is located between Cologne and Bonn, includes sculptural paper art by Kalle Paltzer and landscape-like painting compositions by the young painter Simone Distler. We have to mention the iPhone painted works by Thomas von Klettenberg, also known as the famous WDR presenter and quiz taxi driver Thomas Hackenberg.

ArtConcept Berlin presents the print series “manna” by a photographer and ophthalmologist, Simone de Sarre, created on the occasion of her stay in Cameroon. Transwing Art Gallery from Manila introduces the contemporary art scene of the Philippines to the visitors.

Expectedly, the artist section of the KÖLNER LISTE also offers many exciting highlights:

Right in the entrance area of the fair Rob Voerman presents his works, in which utopian and decaying architecture plays a central role. The scope of his multilayered work includes paintings, graphics, photography, but also sculptures and large installations. He will also be presenting the latter at the Museum Marta Herford this year.

Beate Gärtner’s artistic work focuses on phenomena and developments related to the digitalization of our society. The data sets generated by smartphones and computers are the starting point for her creative process that results in sculptures, objects, installations, and graphics.

Based on Albert Einstein’s quote “In order to be an impeccable member of a herd of sheep, you must above all be a sheep oneself,” the Düsseldorf-based Greek Adam Karamanlis artistically deals with sheep and creates many members of his flock in his satirical manner – all the way from the Queen up to James Bond.

What viewers encounter in the collages and graphic prints of John Maibohm is highly unusual. Working conceptually, the artist takes photographs of real urban and rural spaces and by using graphic and digital processing he works them into new structures that take on a surrealistic character.

Dutch artist Sandra van der Meulen reflects her Dutch-Chinese roots in work made with a mixed-media technique that uses classic Chinese material such as rice paper and ink. Berlin artist Kaja el Attar is presenting delicate drawings that captivate with their gentleness and lightness.

The artistic work of the young French artist Cesar Piette is located between classical painting and computer-generated imagery, reflecting our visual culture and its perception. And the light sculptures developed by Munich-based artist Fabian Gatermann use the most modern technology combining art, light, and design in poetic units.

Do not miss these and many other highlights at KÖLNER LISTE 2018!

Featured image: Rob Voerman – Unité. Courtesy og the artist