Postbahnhof Berlin · An Extraordinary location in the Heart of the City

Public space in Berlin is constantly changing and it’s rather encouraging to be aware of the buildings that are closely linked to the history of the city. While buildings are being demolished and rebuilt, we found an old and friendly architectural structure right next to the East Side Gallery: a Postal Station from 1842, better known as the Postbahnhof Berlin.
Countless letters and packages changed paths in this place over time. For more than a century, the station meant a guarantee that people will remain connected, even across long distances or political boundaries.

In the Heart of the Capital · Postbahnhof Berlin

Postbahnhof Berlin has managed to preserve a piece of the city’s cultural heritage, so that it could live in the future. While the past of this place is inevitably connected with the turbulent history of Germany, Postbahnhof today presents itself as a cultural location, just like Germany’s capital has grown into an international cultural metropolis. It’s a widely recognized fact that Berlin is internationally known and appreciated for its spirit. At a time when more and more refurbishment is being carried out around town and historic buildings are polished to a new shine, it’s a true rarity that Postbahnhof was allowed to retain its industrial charm, despite the elaborate renovation. Its impressive size and the fantastic lighting conditions – the former Gleishalle is over 100 meters long! – offer optimal conditions for the BERLINER LISTE 2017.

Flaunting its 3000 square meters of space, monumental Postbahnhof Berlin impresses with its clear lines and simple, dark-colored brick facade in the Brandenburg Brick Gothic style. The ample side windows and skylights secure the optimal lighting conditions, comparable to a classic art studio. Upon entering the Postbahnhof Berlin space, visitors can feel as if in a huge, clean gallery, flooded with light.

Columnless main hall is architecturally embracing, allowing enough space for the artworks of the exhibition floor to unfold. The clear structure guarantees that all the booths in the exhibition area have the same presentational quality.

This impressive location provides an ideal size of the showroom, which ensures the space for a great variety of art and allows the curators a qualitative selection process.
It is this distinctive combination of the old architectural substance of the Postbahnhof Berlin and the fresh, contemporary art of the BERLINER LISTE, the visit to our art fair becomes a unique experience for both the young and the old.

A Place for Numerous Partners

In 2017, Postbahnhof Berlin will welcome the BERLINER LISTE and all of its project partners, visitors, artists and curious people for the second time. The main highlight points of the fair – Photography, Urban Art and Contemporary Fine Art – are given their own areas, to encourage visitors to talk, exchange experiences, search and marvel over art. Postbahnhof Berlin is a very special place: it manages to take visitors from everyday life directly into a very special world in an instant. The building exudes all the calmness and ease of the leisure-time, inviting all the interested art lovers to enter and get transported far outside the tiring clamor of the city. Centrally located, Postbahnhof Berlin stands between Ostbahnhof, East Side Gallery, YAAM and Mercedes Benz Arena, which guarantees a good accessibility.

Berlin is Open to the World

Contemporary Berlin is a pulsating creative metropolis – everybody is aware of this fact. A high-ranking spot in this tradition goes to Postbahnhof Berlin, as an inspiring place to discover for both international and local visitors. This historic building has the potential to grow into a shelter for art and culture in times of crisis and little funds. Today, more than ever, we are in need for such experimental spaces that have always served as the creative stem cell laboratories for other cities as well. As globalization swallows our every day and people are connected through virtual channels entirely, the rapid changes we are experiencing show that real places where people actually and physically come together to exchange ideas are more important than ever. Art needs to be discussed in front of an actual object, different discoveries require their time, and people need that special club in which they can wander and hear the music of art. Postbahnhof Berlin is, therefore, a magical place. It brings together all the unusual showcases from Germany and the world, presenting them in real time to the real people. The combination of its historic setting and open, large spaces makes the Postbahnhof Berlin the tailor-made spot for contemporary art events.

Postbahnhof Berlin is located close to Ostbahnhof, at the Straße der Pariser Kommune 8, 10243 Berlin. See directions in English here.