Discover a New Life in Paintings by Viktoria Ganhao

Viktoria Ganhao at Discovery, Frankfurt, 24

Imagine a landscape. A garden. A feeling. Just imagine.

How free are you in your ability to imagine? Is it hard to face? Are you brave enough?

Guided by the notion of freedom in creativity, Viktoria Ganhao courageously attacks the canvas bringing plain white surfaces to life through an organic chaos bursting with color. Immediately captivating, her work engages the viewer, inviting them to come closer and inspect the impasto, the strokes, the meanings hidden behind the expression. And in this moment of visual allure we enter the world of Viktoria’s poetics filled with (human) nature, thought and touch.

Viktoria Ganhao will exhibit her work at the upcoming DAF Cologne 2024 at the ARTONLY Gallery Booth.

Viktoria Ganhao - Best Moments. acrylic on linen 120x90cm

Viktoria Ganhao – Best Moments. acrylic on linen 120x90cm

The Natural Artist: Viktoria Ganhao

After spending nearly two decades in fashion and as an entrepreneur, Viktoria Ganhao decided to give her talents to art completely. Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, she experienced life in seven countries and enriched it with travel. Traveling continues to be an important part of her life, serving as the paramount inspiration in her work.

Her paintings, therefore, represent amalgamating memoirs of the events she witnessed and the emotions she sensed on her journeys. As she weaves the stories of distant places and people into the picture, we can treat her works as visceral narratives, abstracts of real stories, or fusions of multiple tales hidden in floral, chromatically rich, moving depictions. As a mirror, the artist invites the observer to embrace the same freedom she approaches her work with. And we are finally left to our own imaginations to be awakened by her inciting canvases, as we develop intuitive narratives of our own.

The only atmospheric hint we will get is in the titles of works, named, for example, “Best Moments” or “Celebrating Life”.

Viktoria Ganhao —December 23. Acrylic on canvas 90x90 cm

Viktoria Ganhao —December 23. Acrylic on canvas 90×90 cm

Painting Without Restrictions

Viktoria Ganhao’s painting is formally abstract. Unpacking the process behind it, we can detect bold expressive strokes, thick impasto, layers of paint and a particularly brilliant sense of color. She takes the best elements of the modern historical practices and fuses them into an unexpectedly unique and contemporary personal language. Her work is distinctive and that is hard to achieve.

But she does it by staying true to her concept and without dedicating herself to a single technique. She toys with different paints and textures, uses both brushes and palette knives, and allows herself to use bold color to express her vision. The result is remarkably harmonious, which shows the artist’s genuine dedication, and also a high technical prowess.

At the end, what we leave with is the atmosphere she creates and the emotions radiating from her painting.

Viktoria Ganhao -Gorgeous. Acrylic on canvas 90x90 cm

Viktoria Ganhao -Gorgeous. Acrylic on canvas 90×90 cm

Viktoria Ganhao in Cologne 2024

Viktoria Ganhao will present a selection of her latest paintings as a part of the ARTONLY Gallery program at the Cologne fair this year. This is not the first time she will participate at the Discovery Art Fair, and she exhibited at various solo and group exhibitions as well as art fairs throughout her career.

The visitors will be able to admire and purchase her gallery-sized artworks and engage in conversation with the artist, as Viktoria finds inspiration in the feedback viewers give her, as well.

Located in Porto Alto, Portugal, ARTONLY Gallery represents emerging, mid-career, national, and international artists. The gallery’s program focuses on high artistic quality and new contemporary expressions in art.

Come to DAF Cologne, from 25-28 April 2024, booth B3.

Viktoria Ganhao Celebrating Life. Acrylic on linen 100x100 cm

Victoria Ganhao —Celebrating Life. Acrylic on linen 100×100 cm

Viktoria Ganhao — Best Moments II

Viktoria Ganhao — Best Moments II. Acrylic on linen 120×90 cm

Featured image: Viktoria Ganhao at Discovery Art Fair in Frankfurt. All images courtesy Viktoria Ganhao.