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Axel Rockfish - Pool Pop

Living in Barcelona, photographer Axel Rockfish resided in a loft, a place that over time became the hub for artists and artistic minds. This space served as a studio residence, a place entirely dedicated to art, where inspiration flowed in all directions. The idea of Axel’s loft led to the opening of the first gallery in Barcelona in 2015, followed by the move to Germany and the opening of the present Munich space.

New York City. 1974. (Dog Legs)

Elliott Erwitt – New York City. 1974. (Dog Legs)

LOFT 11 Gallery Today

Since the beginning, LOFT 11 had a mission to present and promote emerging contemporary artists with unique concepts and imaginative expressions. Oriented toward an international audience, the gallery started representing widely acclaimed artists as well. Building a strong roster of artists, LOFT 11 took part in different art fairs, including Affordable Art Fair, Art Karlsruhe, and Art Fair Cologne, while it continues to attract collectors interested in contemporary fine art and photography.

At the upcoming edition of Discovery Art Fair Cologne, Loft 11 Gallery is presenting an extensive compilation of works by the gallery artists, including prints, classic and contemporary photography, as well as sculptures and paintings. The diverse trade fair presentation includes iconic photographs by Elliott Erwitt as well as legendary shots of the music and fashion stars of the 1960s and 1990s such as Jimi Hendrix 1967, the Rolling Stones 1968, David Bowie, Freddy Mercury and Jerry Hall. Photographed by greats like Norman Parkinson, Baron Wolman, Michael Joseph, Ed Caraeff. Plus paintings, prints, and mixed media by Sara Pope, Alex Voinea, Rebeca Font, and David Dott; Etchings and linocuts by Lorena Pradal, Patrick Siegl, Marcel Muss and Sabine Münch as well as sculptures by Adriano Ciarla and Joachim Seitfudem. Booth visitors will be able to discover more art surprises the gallery will bring.

Sara Pope - All About Eve print or oil painting

Sara Pope – All About Eve

Highlights of the LOFT 11 Gallery Roster

Considering the diversity of expressions, styles, and media presented by LOFT 11 Gallery, it’s difficult to select a few highlights.

Focusing on this diversity, we would like to mention Elliott Erwitt, a world-famous analog photographer from the USA, whose iconic works have become staples of pop culture.

A different in manner and medium, Sara Pope from the UK is best known for her bold, seductive paintings of voluptuous lips. Another nod to pop culture, these pop-art works are inspired by luminaries and trends of the fashion and beauty industry.

Joachim Seitfudem - Anklage, wood and gold leaf sculpture

Joachim Seitfudem – Anklage, wood and gold leaf sculpture

Making photos since the early age of 13, Axel Rockfish has a vast portfolio of works ranging from urban narratives to black and white landscapes. His subjects could be humans, nudes, nature or remote, authentic places. Filling his works with meaning and details, he tries to condense an eternity in a momentary glimpse of a lens.

To contrast the two-dimensionality of the roster, LOFT 11 will showcase sculptures by Joachim Seitfudem. This German sculptor stems from an artistic family and creates highly personal pieces in wood and bronze, often working through his troubled past and the passage of time he is acutely aware of.

Finally, as a newly joined position at LOFT 11, Alex Voinea will be represented by a selection of his paintings. His works represent the zeitgeist in the current art market, as the artist has numerous followers on social media and has reached wide popularity outside the conventional channels.

Join us from April 28 to May 1 at the Discovery Art Fair Cologne to dive deep into a whole universe of inspiring art and collecting, here at the LOFT 11 Gallery booth.

Elliott Erwitt - Umbrella Jump, Paris, France, 1989

Elliott Erwitt – Umbrella Jump, Paris, France, 1989

Alex Voinea, acrylic painting on canvas

Alex Voinea, acrylic painting on canvas

Axel Rockfish - Sirena al Mar, artist's proof in Edition of 10

Axel Rockfish – Sirena al Mar, artist’s proof in Edition of 10

Featured image: Axel Rockfish – Pool Pop, edition of 10. All images courtesy of LOFT 11 Gallery