Gerd Paulicke Explores Meditative, Human-Centered Themes

Deeply immersed in the human condition, the work of German artist Gerd Paulicke examines both the most universal and the most personal matters. Tackling themes of transience, wisdom, knowledge, identity and personal experience, he embarks on an artistic odyssey through the world of sculpture and installation. The interplay of the physical and the psychological in his work creates the tension putting the observer – the human – at the center. Engaging and meditative, his works invite the viewer to ponder on his own life, limits, and environment.
This April, Gerd Paulicke will present his latest work at the upcoming Discovery Art Fair in Cologne.

Gerd Paulicke – NO. 1/2019, 2019 – epoxy, wood, steel

Contemplative Self-portraits

Expressed through sculpture and installation, supported by experimental photography and painting, Gerd Paulicke’s body of work is filled with reflective fragments tied to humanity in the broader sense. Yet, this universal subject is often shown through figurative self-portraits in which he uses himself as an archetype, referring to the closest point of human-centered contemplation for every man, which is the self. There is nothing narcissistic in these representations, on the contrary, and the artist’s image is merely a neutral feature in the function of the work. The viewer is invited to consider the sensations the pieces emit, questioning his borders and limitations. The result is a highly inspiring physical and psychological artwork that communicates uninterruptedly.

Gerd Paulicke – VERGISSMEINNICHT / TEIL 2, 2018 – Photography

Monochromatic World of Thought

Concentrated on the subject matter, Gerd Paulicke utilizes a monochrome palette of white and grey nuances. To create the feeling of movement the artist resorts to optical illusions and often uses the same colors for the background and the figure, making them blend. Thus he removes the protagonist from the foreground, making him more challenging to detect, while optical elements, fine lines, sharp and blurry details add to the experience.

Gerd Paulicke – X-Ray Jesus, 2018 – Mixed Media, Edition of 8

Spiritual Matter

In recent years, Gerd Paulicke explores the state of humanity through a series of religiously inspired works. Leaning on the subjects of crucifixion and memento mori, he investigates the forgetfulness and transience of existence. This temporality is emphasized in his self-portraiture, where his face is presented either highly pixelated or covered in crackling, deteriorating paint, alluding to the fragility of the soul.

Gerd Paulicke – Zum Anfang, Book 7, 2013 – Epoxy, Steel, Concrete, Wood and Electrical Installation

Gerd Paulicke – The Artist

Born in 1969 in Germany, Gerd Paulicke studied sculpture at the FIU Hamburg from 2005-2008. After graduating in 2010, he dedicated himself to an art career as a prolific creator with a somewhat minimalistic, distinct contemporary voice. He exhibited at the Haus der elektronischen Künste (HeK) in Basel, at Ruhrbiennale in Dortmund and with the Artists’ Association in South Tyrol. His works make part of collections such as Gallery of Modernity by Stift Klosterneuburg near Vienna and Regierungspräsidium Freiburg Collection. In 2017, he received the QQTEC Hilden / “Strom” Art Prize. He lives and works in Lörrach, Germany and Basel, Switzerland.

Visitors of the upcoming Discovery Art Fair in Cologne will have an opportunity to engage and contemplate the work of Gerd Paulicke live, from 23-26 April 2020.

Gerd Paulicke – Chair, 2014 – Mixed Media, Edition of 15 – Ongoing Work

Featured image: Gerd Paulicke – Tritt Zum Tanz / TEIL 2/ Memento Mori, 2018 – Photography. All images courtesy of the artist.