Galerie am Dom Presents a Cabinet of Art Wonders at DAF Frankfurt 2023

Matthias Garff insects

Since 1993, Galerie am Dom in Wetzlar has presented acclaimed German and international contemporary artists to the local public. Over three decades and with well over 100 exhibitions realized, the space became one of the vital art hubs between Frankfurt and Cologne.

Specializing in modern and contemporary art, the gallery exhibited works by luminaries such as Horst Antes, Elvira Bach, Stephan Balkenhol, Luciano Castelli, Christo & Jeanne-Claude and Tony Cragg, as well as Niki de Saint Phalle, Klaus Fußmann, Johannes Hüppi, Roy Lichtenstein, Markus Lüpertz, Heinz Mack, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Otto Piene, Günther Uecker, Andy Warhol or Tom Wesselmann, and younger talents like Jesús Curiá, Kristina Fiand, Matthias Garff, Ernst Groß, Olaf Hajek, Hannes Helmke, Suscha Korte, Corjan Nodelijk, Erik Offermann, Nikki Pelaez, Edvardas Racevicius, Stephanie Marie Roos, Janos Schaab, Salustiano, Slava Seidel, Gan-Erdene Tsend and Jorge Villalba among many more. In parallel with a rich art program, the gallery offers exclusive services such as personal advisory for collectors, museum quality framing, and restoration of paintings, works on paper, and frames. Furthermore, Galerie am Dom collaborates with different municipal offices to organize large, impactful art exhibitions.

A regular partaker in the renowned regional art fairs, Galerie am Dom will join the Discovery Art Fair in Frankfurt this year, presenting selected works by Matthias Garff, Olaf Hajek, Corjan Nodelijk, and Jorge Villalba.

Matthias Garff birds

Matthias Garff

Matthias Garff’s Curious Bestiary

By collecting objects discarded by contemporary society, Matthias Garff creates curious figures of birds, insects, and other critters. Often working with the object’s original color and form, he shapes his sculptures into humorous, sunny creatures, imitating nature as best as possible. Such bestiary of specimens brings somewhat clinical museum collection practices to mind while retaining the new life given to them through the creative process. The observer is left slightly puzzled, interested, and, most of all — amused.
Born in Switzerland, Matthias Garff studied in Dresden, and his works make part of several notable collections, including the one of the German Bundestag. Discovery Art Fair visitors in Frankfurt will have the opportunity to see and enjoy Garff’s work in person.

Olaf Hajek paintings

Olaf Hajek paintings

Olaf Hajek’s Vivid Visions

A renowned German illustrator, painter, artist, graphic designer, and author, Olaf Hajek balances his time between Berlin, New York, London, South Africa, and Mallorca. He exhibited work worldwide, and his impressive client list includes the most famous magazines and brands, with New Yorker, Mont Blanc, Meissen Porcelain, Ritz Carlton, and Anthropologie among them.
His radiant work is filled with vibrant color and life, depicting flora, fauna, people, and objects he mentally collects from his surroundings. Stylized and adorned with symbols, it tells the tale of contemporary life, transcended into a surreal realm. His art possesses the spirit of Gaugin, Frida Kahlo, and Henri Rousseau, as it incorporates modern art’s most visually impactful elements into postmodern, oneiric visions.
Hajek’s art is for people who love pictorial abundance, and visitors of DAF will be able to experience it in Frankfurt with Galerie am Dom.

Corjan Nodelijk

Corjan Nodelijk

Charming Oddities of Corjan Nodelijk

Composer and storyteller Corjan Nodelijk creates fascinating sculptures that induce curiosity and joy. His peculiar troupe represents a neverending array of oddities materialized from the world of poetry and wisdom. It’s an imaginarium rather than a bestiary since the little statuettes defy every law of nature, despite being composed of natural elements. As he conjures up these odd creatures, Nodelijk questions reality, what is given and what is not, invoking a discussion. “Perfection is boring,” he says, allowing his fantasies to guide him through the creative process, a thought that transcends realism and delves into the world of an unexpected aesthetic.
Coming from the Netherlands, Corjan Nodelijk will be represented by Galerie am Dom at DAF Frankfurt, providing a unique opportunity for art lovers to experience his ingenious sculptures.

Jorge Villalba paintings

Jorge Villalba paintings

The Virtuosity of Jorge Villalba

Jorge Villalba preserves the art of old masters. His practice of refined realism evokes high Renaissance and baroque masterpieces, whereas the imagery he presents puts his work in a contemporary context. So it’s not a knight we’re looking at; it’s how we imagine a knight today. Infusing his paintings with twists and humor, Villalba parades his meticulous, remarkable technique.
Originally from Spain, Jorge Villalba came to Germany after completing his studies in Alicante and Valencia, joining the Bauhaus University in Weimar. Today, this awarded artist lives and works in Germany.
Lovers of realism, grandiosity, and wit will have the chance to revel in Villalba’s work at the upcoming DAF Frankfurt.


From November 3 to 5, 2023, Discover Art Fair in Frankfurt will welcome Galerie am Dom from Wetzlar and Bad Nauheim with four distinguished artists in what might be a wunderkammer of a booth.

Featured image: Matthias Garff. All images courtesy Galerie am Dom