When art moves nothing, it is no art • Interview with Detlev Peters of the Bueffelfish

BUEFFELFISH fine arts gallery, which was founded in 2015, is a brand of BUEFFELFISH Coaching & Communications company located in Dresden, Germany. BUEFFELFISH organizes both solo and group shows and it aims at reflecting the diversity of contemporary art. In our interview with the gallery director of BUEFFELFISH, Detlev Peters, we talked about the artists they support as well as their plans for 2016 Berliner Liste.

Dear Mr. Peters, Bueffelfish Gallery specializes in contemporary art and helps various companies create a distinctive identity and strong image. Can you tell us more about the gallery’s history, clients and services you provide for them?

Detlev Peters: BUEFFELFISH contemporary fine arts gallery is a brand of BUEFFELFISH Coaching & Communications GmbH. Indeed, during the last 20 years, this company and its protagonists helped various other companies like the airports of Leipzig and Dresden create their distinctive identity and strong image.In 1996 Anke Peters and Detlev Peters founded the DRESDNER KUNSTVEREIN e. V., initiating a series of art exhibitions in the famous DRESDNER SCHLOSS in spaces and rooms, which were at that time partly under construction due to the World War II destructions. We started with Jörg Immendorff in 1996, followed by Georg Baselitz in 1997/98 and Sammlung Reiner Speck with Lawrence Weiner, Cy Twombly, Polke, Kirkeby, Palermo and Kounellis in 1999. Later, in addition to KUNSTVEREIN activities, we started BUEFFELFISH Gallery in 2015 on 800 sqm in Dresden. Apart from solo exhibitions BUEFFELFISH also presents group shows organized according to specific themes, reflecting the diversity and complexity of contemporary art in its temporal transformations.

How did you come up with the name “Bueffelfish”?

DP: The name BUEFFELFISH originated from the Chinese horoscope of Anke which is fish and buffalo.

Your gallery works with very diverse modern artists – painters, sculptors and mixed-media creators. How do you choose the artists to collaborate with? Do you work with both aspiring and established artists?

DP: We trust in the energy field of art that surrounds us, we make our order and look forward to the miracle that arises.

You’ll participate in our upcoming art fair, 2016 Berliner Liste. Do you have any previous experiences with art fairs in Germany and abroad?

DP: So far, we have experienced important art fairs as visitors and art collectors.

What are your expectations and plans when it comes to 2016 Berliner Liste? What kind of artworks are you going to present at the fair?

DP: Our application for 2016 Berliner is based on the existence of the new section Urban Art, but not only! Our exhibitors Anett Bauer and Chris Löhmann are street artists, while Anke Peters, Vivien Bebic, and Felix Lippmann are more traditional artists. They all show to society their own way, and through that, they help other art enthusiasts build their individual reflections on art, culture, and society.

How would you describe the art scene in Germany nowadays and the role of art in everyday life?

DP: The main role of art is to describe the challenges of life ( see ancient wall paintings and wall paintings nowadays!) Visualizing these challenges, depending on the level of existing or non-existing freedom, subtly or aggressively, represents the art we create.

When art moves nothing, it is no art – in Germany and all over this world.

Featured image: The interior of BUEFFELFISH Gallery – Courtesy of the Gallery